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 NegtEGT framework namespace
 Nv1EGT API version 1 namespace
 NdetailInternal detail namespace
 NexperimentalExperimental namespace
 CAnalogMeterDisplays an analog meter based on a percentage value
 CAnimationAnimation class with configurable easing function
 CAnimationDelaySimple delay, useful to insert a delay in an AnimationSequence
 CAnimationSequenceSeries of animations as a single animation
 CApplicationApplication definition
 CArcTypeAn Arc consists of a radius and two angles
 CAudioPlayerAudio player
 CAutoAnimationAnimation object with built in timer
 CBoxSizerPositions and sizes widgets by orientation
 CButtonBasic button control
 CButtonGroupButton group
 CCameraWindowA CameraWindow is a widget to capture image feed from the camera sensor and render it on screen using gstreamer media framework
 CCanvasManages a unique drawing surface and context
 CCheckBoxBoolean checkbox
 CCheckButtonSame as a normal Button, except it manipulates its checked state like a RadioBox or CheckBox
 CCircleTypeA basic circle with a center point and radius
 CCircleWidgetBasic Circle Widget
 CCoconutThemeCoconut Theme
 CColor32 bit RGBA color
 CComboBoxCombo box widget
 CDialogA dialog is a widget that allows user to make a decision
 CDrawableDrawable function object
 CDrawerManager of the Drawable for each widget type
 Ceasing_cubic_bezierCubic Bezier equation easing function
 CEventA single event that has information about the event and state for the event
 CEventArgBase event argument class
 CEventLoopEvent loop interface
 CFileDialogA FileDialog is a widget that allows user to:
 CFileOpenDialogA FileOpenDialog is a widget which inherits from FileDialog and that allows user to:
 CFileSaveDialogA FileSaveDialog is a widget which inherits from FileDialog and that allows user to:
 CFlagsUtility class for managing a set of flags
 CFlexBoxSizerFlexBoxSizer helper variation of BoxSizer
 CFontManages a font and properties of a font
 CFrameA Frame is a Widget that has children widgets
 CHorizontalBoxSizerHorizontalBoxSizer helper variation of BoxSizer
 CImageImage resource used for drawing or displaying
 CImageButtonButton that also contains an Image
 CImageLabelLabel that also contains an Image
 CInputBase Input device class
 CKeyKeyboard event data
 CLabelA Label that displays text
 CLapisThemeLapis Theme
 CLevelMeterDisplays a level meter based on a value
 CLineTypeA line, with a starting and ending point
 CLineWidgetBasic Line Widget
 CListBoxListBox that manages a select-able list of widgets
 CMidnightThemeMidnight Theme
 CNotebookAllows a collection of NotebookTab widgets to be shown one at a time
 CNotebookTabA single layer of a Notebook
 CPainterDrawing interface for 2D graphics
 CPaletteColor palette
 CPatternA Pattern which can store one or more colors at different offsets (steps) which can be used to create gradients
 CPeriodicTimerPeriodic timer
 CPointerPointer event data
 CPointTypeSimple x,y coordinate
 CPopupTypePopup window
 CPopupVirtualKeyboardPopupVirtualKeyboard class
 CProgressBarDisplays a progress bar based on a value
 CPropertyAnimatorTypeAnimates a property of a widget
 CRadioBoxBoolean RadioBox
 CRangeValueManages a value in a range
 CRatioCreates and stores a simple ratio value
 CRectangleWidgetBasic Rectangle Widget
 CRectTypeA rectangle
 CScreenManages one of more buffers that make up a Screen
 CScrolledViewA scroll-able view
 CScrollwheelScrollwheel widget
 CSelectableGridStaticGrid with select-able cells
 CShamrockThemeShamrock Theme
 CSideBoardSideBoard Window for a sliding board that slides on and off the screen
 CSizeTypeSimple width and height
 CSkyThemeSky Theme
 CSliderThis is a slider that can be used to select value from a range
 CSpinProgressDisplays a spinning progress meter
 CSpriteSprite widget that animates frames from an image using one or more configured strips
 CStaticGridStatic grid organization for widgets
 CStringItemListBox string helper
 CSvgImageAn SVG image
 CTextBoxInput text box
 CThemeCustomizable characteristics for drawing widgets
 CTimerBasic one shot timer
 CToggleBoxCheckBox with a boolean slider style interface
 CTopWindowTop level Window
 CUltraVioletThemeUltra Violet Theme
 CValueManages a single value
 CValueRangeWidgetManages a value in a range
 CValueWidgetManages an unbounded value
 CVerticalBoxSizerVerticalBoxSizer helper variation of BoxSizer
 CVideoWindowA VideoWindow is a widget to decode video and render it to a screen
 CVirtualKeyboardVirtualKeyboard class
 CWidgetBase Widget class
 CWindowA Window is a Widget that handles drawing to a Screen