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PopupType< T > Class Template Reference

Popup window. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PopupType (const Size &size={}, const Point &point={}) noexcept
 PopupType (Serializer::Properties &props) noexcept
void hide () override
 Hide the Widget. More...
void show () override
 Show the Widget. More...
virtual void show_centered ()
 Show the window centered. More...
virtual void show_modal (bool center=false)
 Show the window in modal mode. More...

Protected Member Functions

 PopupType (Serializer::Properties &props, bool is_derived) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class egt::v1::PopupType< T >

Popup window.

This is a utility class that manages a popup window with extra features like automatic centering and modal mode.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PopupType() [1/3]

PopupType ( const Size size = {},
const Point point = {} 
sizeThe size of the Window.
pointThe origin point of the window.

◆ PopupType() [2/3]

PopupType ( Serializer::Properties props)

◆ PopupType() [3/3]

PopupType ( Serializer::Properties props,
bool  is_derived 

Member Function Documentation

◆ hide()

void hide ( )

Hide the Widget.

A widget that is not visible will receive no draw() calls.

This changes the visible() state of the Widget.

◆ show()

void show ( )

Show the Widget.

Always move the widget to the top.

◆ show_centered()

virtual void show_centered ( )

Show the window centered.

Position the window the center of its parent, or if it has no parent, the screen.

Reimplemented in FileSaveDialog, and FileDialog.

◆ show_modal()

virtual void show_modal ( bool  center = false)

Show the window in modal mode.

This means it will explicitly steal all input events as long as it is visible.