Pattern Member List

This is the complete list of members for Pattern, including all inherited members.

color() constPatterninline
ending() constPattern
ending_radius() constPattern
first() constPattern
linear(const Point &start, const Point &end)Pattern
operator Color() constPatterninline
operator=(const Pattern &rhs)Pattern
operator=(Pattern &&rhs) noexceptPattern
Pattern() noexcept=defaultPattern
Pattern(const Pattern &rhs)Pattern
Pattern(Pattern &&rhs) noexceptPattern
Pattern(const Color &color) noexceptPatterninline
Pattern(Type type, const StepArray &steps={})Patternexplicit
Pattern(const StepArray &steps, const Point &start, const Point &end)Pattern
Pattern(const StepArray &steps, const Point &start, float start_radius, const Point &end, float end_radius)Pattern
pattern() constPatterninline
radial(const Point &start, float start_radius, const Point &end, float end_radius)Pattern
solid() constPatterninline
starting() constPattern
starting_radius() constPattern
step(StepScaler offset, const Color &color)Pattern
StepArray typedefPattern
steps() constPattern
StepScaler typedefPattern
type() constPatterninline
Type enum namePattern
~Pattern() noexceptPattern